KZB Professional kitchen equipment
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KZB Professional kitchen equipment

"KZB Professional kitchen equipment" (CN) specializes in the import, installation and after sale  service of professional kitchen equipment, and is part of the company "KZB technical rubber products (1987) Ltd.

Our company represents exclusively leading European brands in different fields of the professional, commercial and industrial kitchen equipment.

Our company offers a complete line of solutions for every need:

Shelving systems-

Stainless steel cupboards, wall shelves, work and sink tables-

Cooking, frying, grilling and hot holding solutions-

Self service, free flow lines and espresso bar counters-

Complete dishwashing systems-

Bar and snack equipment-

Ice makers, refrigeration, saladettes- 

Our company holds a technical department for its clients that handles all of the equipment installations, operations and technical after sale service.

As part of our technical service, our company has a full repair lab and spare part stock for all items sold and imported by us.

We commit to respond to all service calls (On weekdays) within 24-36 hours from date of receipt.

Our Quality assurance system has been authorized ISO 9001:2015

A representative sample list of some of our companies projects:

The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College – Complete self service (Free flow) cafeteria dining room. Including high end self service custom made counters and full cooking kitchen for about 900 diners 

Assaf Harofeh medical center – Israel largest and most advanced hospital distribution center that includes: Complete cook&chill system, Full dishwashing, trolley washing and garbage disposing systems and tray loading system for around 1,000 patients

"NOVIA" banqueting halls (Haifa) – The largest event and banqueting complex in the north of Israel. Complete cooking kitchens including advanced combisteamer ovens, cooking lines, preparation and food processing equipment 

"King Solomon Gardens" Hotel (Netanya) – Complete banqueting hall including satellite service kitchen and full dishwashing system 

"Dan Panorama" Hotel (Tel Aviv) – Complete bar lobby customized system 

"Dan Jerusalem" Hotel (Jerusalem) – Complete custom made self service (free flow) systems with dishwashing solutions and back hot and cold storage units

"King David" Hotel (Jerusalem) – Complete Pool side cooking kitchen

Assaf Harofeh medical center – Maternity motel – Satellite cooking kitchen, self service (free flow) customized high end counters

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